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Fees & Insurance


50 minute sessions are $260, paid prior to the start of each session. I do provide documentation of our session(s) that can be submitted to your insurance company to request reimbursement for out-of-network services for therapy clients in DC and MD.


Coaching packages are available per request for parents and prospective parents everywhere (priced at $380-$3100 for intensives). Coaching and consultation services are not reimbursable expenses. 


I work very individualized and keep my caseload small in order to be

responsive to those who are entrusting in my support.

Below is a list of questions you may want to ask your insurance company to gather information about your benefits:*


  • Does my policy include a mental health benefit?

  • Does my policy cover Clinical Social Workers?

  • Does my policy cover out-of-network Clinical Social Workers?

  • How much will my policy pay for an initial psychotherapy session coded at 90791?

  • How much will my policy pay for a 60-minute psychotherapy session coded at 90837?

  • How much psychotherapy is covered per year?

  • Is my mental health deductible part of, or separate from, my medical deductible?

  • What is my yearly mental health and/or medical deductible?

  • How much of my deductible have I met this year?

  • Can I pay my therapist out-of-pocket and submit my session receipts for reimbursement?

  • To whom should I mail or fax the receipts?

  • Once I mail in a receipt, how long before I receive a reimbursement check?

  • Do you require pre-approval or pre-certification of sessions?

  • Who must obtain the pre-approval or pre-certification?

  • Can this be done over the phone? If not, what is the procedure?

  • How many sessions will likely be pre-approved at a time?

  • Who should be contacted to authorize the pre-approval?

  • Is there anything else I should know?

  • Remember to note the name and phone number of the person you spoke with.

*These questions are for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal, medical or financial advice.

Good Faith Estimate for Out-of-Network Care

You have the right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your medical care will cost

Under the law, health care providers need to give patients who don’t have insurance or who are not using insurance an estimate of the bill for medical items and services.

You have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for the total expected cost of any non-emergency items or services.

You have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate at least 1 business day before your next psychotherapy appointment or other service. I will deliver your Good Faith Estimate electronically using my Client Portal. You can also ask me, and any other provider you choose, for a Good Faith Estimate before you schedule an item or service.

If you receive a bill that is at least $400 more than your Good Faith Estimate, you can dispute the bill (though fees are always paid upfront to avoid this issue).

Make sure to save a copy or picture of your Good Faith Estimate.

For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate or the dispute process, visit or call (800) 368-1019.

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