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New & Expecting Parents

With a practical, collaborative approach we will help you welcome your newborn into a household where you and your family are healthy, thriving, and able to laugh. Some things you can expect:


- Use of relaxation and mindfulness strategies

- Gain a sense of calm that you can use to better handle stress, now and in the future

- Reduce tension and manage anxiety

- Improve communication with your partner

- Adjust to the transition of going back to work & the emotional challenges of breastfeeding

- Feel confident in the connection you are building with your baby

- Proactive work in developing your unique parenting approach that fits your family's needs

-Help your older child(ren) adapt to the new baby

- Learn to cope with health concerns for you or your baby   


As a mom of five children, I am very familiar with how rocky the road can be with welcoming each additional child and integrating them into the family. My personal experience, along with many years working with local families, inspires the work I do everyday. 



Have you experienced complications during your pregnancy that have led to anxiety or worry?

Are you excited but very nervous about how you will handle becoming a mom or dad?

Are you concerned that your childhood will influence your parenting approach in a stressful or negative way?

Do you worry that you can't handle the physical and mental challenge of labor?

Are you and your partner feeling distant from each other since you've become parents? 



Support For Families with Children Through Age 5

Family dynamics can be complicated and get in the way of the ideal relationship we hope to have with our children.


  • Are you having difficulty connecting with your child after a complicated or traumatic birth?

  • Are you experiencing a recent major family change such as welcoming an additional child, relocating, divorce or remarriage and need help with the transition?

  • Is being home by yourself with the baby becoming overwhelming?

  • Has your child had an unexplained change in behavior?

  • ​Are you having trouble sleeping or concentrating because of an unresolved family conflict or other stressor?

  • Do you feel like there's no room in your schedule to relax because you are always taking care of others or working on a never-ending "to-do list"? 

  • Do you and your partner need help with co-parenting cooperatively?

Feelings of failure can be so difficult for new parents to deal with- whether attempting to divide attention between children, feeling neglected by your partner, balancing breastfeeding and work schedules, or dealing with extended family and their well-intentioned but sometimes stressful support.

How we were parented affects our approach to parenting, and often we must do work building self-awareness and addressing unresolved issues of our past in order to heal and truly be present with our own children. My passion is helping parents navigate their unique journey to finding a comfortable, confident perspective on understanding & meeting their child's needs while building coping skills to deal with inevitable challenges along the way. Reach out if you are ready to do the work to reconnect and repair.


How I may be able to help (various levels of support):

-Parent counseling sessions (individual and couples)

-Home observation of the family dynamics or parent/baby interaction w/ feedback

-School observations if desired

-Hands-on practice in the moment with your child (modeling strategies)


Our work starts with an initial 90 minute intake at your home. To learn more, give me a call to schedule a free phone consult 202-213-1868 or email at









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