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*Note: Register directly through Emily for all groups/classes* emilygriffinlicsw@gmail.com

All classes are online while COVID is a concern. Open to parents  everywhere while virtual!

Dads Helping Dads Through a Pandemic: private group, facilitated by Emily! Email for details and to register.


                                   Current classes open for registration:

Interested in the content of these classes but have challenging logistics?


Schedule private sessions to get an individualized approach to the content of these classes.


Learn how to support each other & positive communication strategies, cope with lack of sleep, connect with & understand YOUR baby, build & utilize your support system, and strengthen your family unit from the start.


Short-term (3-6 sessions) and longer-term support available, depending on your needs.

I'm ready to schedule!




A new essential prenatal class for today’s growing families. Designed for you to attend before AND after baby arrives-- a safe, supportive space to talk about the challenges... 

Ideal for: expecting couples in any trimester (1st, 2nd, or 3rd baby), individuals who have dealt with depression & anxiety who are now considering having a child, postpartum parents with babies up to a year old.

In this 90 minute workshop, we will discuss:

-coping with shifting roles when baby changes the pace of your life

-understanding the need for self-compassion & strategies when mom guilt hits hard (and it will)

-developing the parent-child connection & foundational trust in your "parent gut"

-responding to your partner's needs when they're most vulnerable

-tapping into & enhancing your much needed support system (we weren't meant to do this alone!)

-coping with many uncontrollable factors as you're welcoming a baby during "COVID times"

-learning the symptoms of postpartum mood disorders, birth trauma, and when to seek help

-Realistic expectations for your family during the postpartum period

-Connect with other new parents who can be ongoing sources of support!

SIGN UP for this class here

$175/couple for 90 mins

**Contact me if you need a reduced fee. I DO NOT want cost to prevent you from otherwise joining us.


Attendees receive 25% off one private postpartum couples' session 





Supporting The Sibling Connection 

A new class on siblings!! Many parents are caught off guard by how hard it is to divide their attention, energy, and affection. Helping their first child cope with all the changes that a new baby brings can feel daunting. And when they get old enough to challenge each other, we grasp for ways to strengthen their bond- hoping to help them get along and prevent endless whining.

In this two hour class, we cover:

-New sibling preparation & adjustment

-using your support system wisely

-helping your children connect and support each other

-modeling positive communication 

-maintaining your desired closeness with each child & how responsive parenting matters

-learn strategies from fellow parents

-discussion of special considerations

Cost: $175/couple or single parent. *Contact me for a reduced fee if needed. 


Attendees receive 25% off one private parent counseling session 

All classes are virtual until further notice.

Questions or special circumstances? Email or call Emily directly.



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