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*Note: Register directly through Emily for all groups/classes* emilygriffinlicsw@gmail.com

All classes are online. Open to parents  everywhere!

                                   Current classes open for registration:


Interested in the content of these classes but have challenging logistics?


Schedule private sessions to get an individualized approach to the content of these classes.


Learn how to support each other & positive communication strategies, cope with lack of sleep, connect with & understand YOUR baby, build & utilize your support system, and strengthen your family unit from the start.


Short-term (3-6 sessions) and longer-term support available, depending on your needs.

I'm ready to schedule!

3 Saturday mornings- SUMMER 2022 

*Reach out to Emily for exact start date & to reserve your spot.

You deserve to get straightforward information, which so many other parents really needed.

Ask me anything.

Take care of your family's emotional & mental health proactively. Process your experience thus far with people who get it and come away with plenty of strategies to enjoy your family life (and your baby more!) and reduce stress in your household.

Ideal for: expecting couples and single parents in any trimester, individuals who have dealt with depression, complex trauma & anxiety who are now considering having a child, and any couples who want to really get a preview of important factors to consider in their family planning. As well as those who already have a child or children and want this information for improving the quality of their family's emotional health and connection!



In this 3 hour class series, we discuss:


-coping with shifting roles when baby & young kids change the pace of your life- including sleep deprivation and division of labor

-responding to your partner's needs when they're most vulnerable

-Building and utilizing your support system (we weren't meant to do this alone!)

-factors that make you more at risk for Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) and trauma, and protective factors that can help you through the hard times

-when to seek help

-Realistic expectations for your family

-Things you can do now to take care of your mental health and the mental health of your partner

-Connect with expecting & considering parents in a supportive & non-judgmental environment


**Contact me if you need a reduced fee. I DO NOT want cost to prevent you from otherwise joining us.



Some couples prefer private classes which are offered in a comprehensive format, based on your goals and needs. Reach out to learn more.




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Complicated Parenting support & processing group- ongoing monthly. Reach out to be added to the interest list. We will start as soon as we have enough people!